WednesdayWebJam 1 Year

Nearly a year gone by. I stepped in at no.5 Gamification for Better Online Sessions. Excited, ambitious and nervous. Knowing much about play and gamification, willing to share; how would it work, this online jam?

  1. Stop over-thinking.
  2. Start doing.
  3. Have faith in the community.

Our journey is full of courage, wonder, support, some #failingforward, some gaps, some glitches. But most of all, we care about each other and lift each other up. To learn more, to dare to apply. To pick you up, when you fail. We all have learned, we all have changed.

Yes, WednesdayWebJam has turned out to be a living lab. It really exists. Participants come and share warm feelings. Exchange stories and ‘become who we are’. We play with open hearts, open minds and open hands. What else need I to tell, explain, share about play or gamification?

Do you - participant of WednesdayWebJam - feel in which play you have enrolled? 😋 I believe #formfollowsfun. We found a form to contain the fun.

WednesdayWebJam has a heartbeat and it beats every ... Wednesday. 🙏